The preschool is a registered Charity and derives all its income from fees, government funding and fund-raising and therefore relies on the prompt payment of fees to meet its commitments.

Our fees will be adjusted Each year;

Fee Structure per sessionExplanation
£8.50This is our normal charge per child per session.
£3.00 (our extra fees are claimed through the 3 Year Funded Scheme)This fee is reduced for children the term after their 3rd birthday – The manager will discuss this further. NB Once the child is in the school nursery class this reduced fee stops.
£0.00 (our fees are claimed through the Flying Start scheme)Any child in a Flying Start post code should ask their Health Visitor for a referral to the scheme, you will then be able to claim a free place in our setting the term after your child’s second birthday.

For more fee information and guidance please see the Manager and/or refer to your policy pack

To make things as easy as possible for parents/carers, we are happy to accept payment in a number of different ways:

  • Cash
  • Direct bank Transfer
  • Pay through PayPal directly to serensuperstars@yahoo.com (child’s full name as a reference)
  • Via PayPal Button below (child’s full name, as a reference)

Fee Process

All fees MUST be paid weekly, failure to do so will result in the following;

Step 1 – Anyone 2 weeks in arrears will be given letter 1 (a reminder notice)

Step 2 – Failure to respond to the above notice will result in letter 2 the following week

Step 3 – Failure to respond to the above two notices will result in letter 3 and your child’s suspension with immediate effect. Your child will be able to return to preschool the fees are cleared, however if the bill remains unpaid for a week or more then your child’s place will be lost.


Please be aware that paying via the button below incurs a 54p charge for every £10 paid, please add this to your total when paying.

Fees Payment via Paypal
Other Amount:
Full Name Of Child: