Here’s a list of all our policies that are available to parents and carers, please ask a member of staff if you’d like a copy of our policy pack.

  1. Settling in policy
  2. Parent partnership policy
  3. Foundation Phase Education policy
  4. Behaviour policy
  5. Anti-Bullying Policy
  6. Special needs and inclusion policy
  7. Food and diet policy
  8. Nappy changing and Toileting policy
  9. Outing and Educational trips policy
  10. Lost/missing children policy
  11. Sickness and Illness policy
  12. Medication policy
  13. Safeguarding
  14. Safety policy
  15. Uncollected child policy
  16. Equal opportunities policy
  17. Confidentiality policy
  18. Complaints policy
**Some of these policies have been written by the Early Years Wales and adapted to the setting**